Thursday, October 16 at 6:30 pm

Dr. Juliette Kayyem

A national leader in America's homeland security efforts in government,

the academy and journalism



What we need to know about Threats, Response and our Resiliency



Dr. Juliette Kayyem has spent over 15 years in senior positions in state and

federal government, most recently as President Obama's Assistant Secretary for

Intergovernmental Affairs at the Dept. of Homeland Security.  Before that, she                        

was Gov. Deval Patrick's homeland security adviser, a member of the National

Commission on Terrorism and a legal adviser to the US Attorney General, Janet Reno. 

She is the recipient of many govt. honors.  As a faculty member at Harvard's Kennedy

School, she has taught new leaders in emergency management and national security.  

She has spent much time in journalism, both with the Boston Globe and as an analyst

for CNN.  In 2014, Kayyem was a candidate for Governor of Massachusetts.






WHERE: St. Paul's Episcopal Church

15 St. Paul St. (corner of St. Paul St. and Aspinwall Ave. Brookline)

a beautiful spot!

WHEN:   Thursday, October 16

PRICE:     $30.00



PROGRAM at 7:30 pm



Reserve your place with a credit card or paypay or mail a check to:

City Salon Series 1111 Beacon St. #72  Brookline 02446


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